Civil Construction


Clearing and Grubbing of Trees and Vegetation:

USFS Industrial will clear all trees and vegetation in preparation of your large or civil construction project. From the inception to creating a blank canvas of your construction site, USFS Industrial will clear all trees, brush, stumps, rubbish, and shrubs. We will also take careful notice to protect any existing designated vegetation that needs to remain on site. 
The bottom line is you can keep your “peace of mind” knowing that USFS Industrial is on the job. 

Let’s start a conversation today about how we can help you grow tomorrow.

Grading and Site Preparation for Building Construction

Once USFS Industrial has cleared your project site of all trees and vegetation, we will properly and accurately level grade your said site. As in all project undertakings, USFS industrial will take into account all factors, including local regulations and soil density. 

Erosion Control Installation and Maintenance

USFS Industrial will create and execute a Temporary Erosion and Erosion Maintenance Plan before and during your civil construction project. We utilize best practices that account for all regulatory factors during planning and the execution of your project. USFS will work hand in hand with you to ensure all paperwork is submitted accurately and promptly to all agencies.

Utility Installation

USFS also specializes in Utility construction for power, water, and sewer utilities. So whether it is large utility infrastructure projects or installing underground fiber- optic networks, USFS Industrial is your goto company for qualified and competent operators.

Road construction

USFS Industrial has the experience and know-how to rehabilitate your road construction project or pave your new road project. We can work with you and your local regulatory body to ensure traffic safety during your road construction projects. So whether it’s asphalt concrete, soil stabilization, or paving, USFS has you covered.

Other Services

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