Past Projects

From train derailments to reactor explosions, to catastrophic events like the Deepwater Horizon, USFS Industrial has the experience and know-how to guide your project through to its conclusion.

Texas Railroad Commission
Kilgore, Texas
Remediation and Tank Demolition

USFS INDUSTRIAL was contracted to remove Exploration and Production waste from an abandoned facility in Kilgore, Texas. The 30,000-barrel tank had experienced a breach and released approximately 16,000 barrels of NORM sludge into the earthen berm. The project commenced during January 2018 and was challenging due to the sludge consistency not being able to be pumped. USFS INDUSTRIAL brought a 150 hp boiler onsite and manufactured a closed loop steam coil that was place in the sludge which heated the material to enable the vacuum trucks to remove the material and transport to the permitted disposal facility. Once all pumpable material was removed USFS INDUSTRIAL began the process of excavating impacted material and shipping for landfill disposal. USFS INDUSTRIAL removed approximately 15,000 yards of impacted material and addition to demolishing the steel tank and decontaminating for disposition as scrap metal.

Union Pacific Railroad Terminal Island
Long Beach, California Soil Excavation

USFS INDUSTRIAL personnel remediated 100,000 yards of soil impacted with petroleum hydrocarbons from a prior refining operation property to a depth of twenty feet below ground level (bgl), ground water was encountered at 18′ bgl which required the collection and treatment of water onsite prior to discharge. Water was pumped to a series of frac tanks where it was processed through a series of pods containing activated carbon. The effluent was sampled and tested to ensure regulatory compliance was maintained.

Soil was transported via rail to an RCRA permitted facility for disposal, the excavation was backfilled with clean verified soil to grade to allow for drainage and future use.

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Philips 66 Old Ocean, Texas Industrial Services Waste Treatment

The project consisted of the removal approximately 30,000 yards of F037 sludge from trenches and ponds throughout the refinery. The sludge was collected with vacuum trucks, hydraulic pumps, Gradall excavators and high-volume air mover trucks. The sludge was transported onsite to a central location where we had established a centrifuge and pug mill to reduce and treat waste prior to shipment offsite for disposal. The water removed from the system was processed through the onsitewastewater treatment system and reduced offsite disposal fees significantly.

XTO Energy Longview, Texas Soil Excavation

USFS INDUSTRIAL was contracted to excavate an area impacted with saltwater in a wooded area from a pipeline release. USFS INDUSTRIAL removed approximately thirty 36” diameter trees in the affected area and placed mats to prevent any damage to the pipeline and to allow access to the area for dump trucks to remove excavated soil. USFS INDUSTRIAL excavated approximately 5,000 yards of impacted soil, and ultimately built a stock pond at the request of the client / landowner. The area was contoured to afford all available rainwater to be collected into the pond and provide a drinking source for livestock. The project was completed to the satisfaction of the client, landowner and regulatory agencies.

CN Railroad Hattiesburg, Mississippi Train Derailment

USFS INDUSTRIAL personnel responded to a train derailment and performed oversight of the transfer and cleaning of chemicals from the derailed tank cars, remediation of contaminated soil and the removal and disposition of wastes. The tank cars were carrying heavy crude from production sites in Canada. The contents required to be heated to allow for transfer into transport vehicles which was accomplished with a 200 hp boiler. After contents were removed the cars were sheared and decontaminated with pressure washers with chemical augmentation to clean the metal enough to allow for recycling. The impacted soil was transferred to a lined retaining area for sampling and analysis to characterize for disposal. Upon receipt the soil was able to go for non-hazardous disposal at a permitted landfill.

Pennakem Memphis, TN.Reactor Explosion

USFS INDUSTRIAL personnel responded to a reactor explosion at the Pennakem facility in Memphis TN. Once the fire departments had extinguished the fire, personnel entered the remaining parts of the tower to assess damages and devise a safe plan for decontamination and salvaging remaining reactors and distillation columns along with the dismantling of the unsalvageable portion of the facility. Utilizing hydroblasting and pressure washing equipment personnel cleaned and decontaminated remaining reactors and distillation columns and removed them to a storage area and then proceeded to “surgically” remove the non-repairable top sections of the structure utilizing both a track hoe sheer as well as personnel in manlifts and cranes allowing the facility to reconstruct the facility utilizing as much existing material as possible.

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Enbridge Pipeline Kalamazoo Michigan
Pipeline Rupture in the Kalamazoo River

USFS INDUSTRIAL personnel in conjunction with multiple other response companies deployed both hard and sock boom in swift and backwater areas utilizing oil spill response boats, small watercraft, and air boats to prevent any further migration of released product and then commenced product recovery and clean up operations utilizing drum skimmers and pads in addition USFS INDUSTRIAL personnel transported company management along with DEQ and government officials throughout the impacted area for assessment.

Exxon Corporation Mayflower Arkansas Pipeline Rupture

USFS INDUSTRIAL personnel in conjunction with multiple other contractors responded to a crude oil pipeline rupture around Mayflower Arkansas. Containment and recovery operations were conducted in residential, highway, wetland, and waterway areas. This containment and recovery effort included utilizing manual labor, small watercraft, track hoes and dozers as well as vacuum trucks employing both drum and manta ray type skimmers for recovery of product and padding and bioremediation for decontamination of areas where product recovery was not feasible. Personnel also constructed and removed temporary roads into inaccessible areas for equipment and crews to access released product.

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